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The Majestic Raoum Castle, Standing 1,000 Meters Above Najran, Saudi Arabia

Overlooking the Saudi Arabian city of Najran is Raoum Castle, a majestic structure that sits over 1,000 meters at the top of Raoum Mountain. A historical site like no other, Raoum Castle is a renowned tourism destination admired for its triangular adornments, and visitors and tourists flock to it for panoramic view of Najran and nearby farms. The castle is just one of three major landmarks of Najran, which includes the valley and the city's dam.

It was constructed using stone blocks, clay, and wood, which is reminiscent of how structures were built during the era, and below the castle lies a stone reservoir built for collecting rainwater. In fact, it once served as a Yemeni fortress, which was constructed in 1929 following the occupation of Najran. The castle's location was a strategic decision, giving the Yemeni army a clear view of the surrounding areas. The Yemeni occupation eventually led to the Taif Agreement signed by both Saudi Arabia and Yemen, with Saudi King Saud and King Faisal successfully taking control of Najran.

Over the years, the castle has undergone restoration efforts by the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage (SCTH). The Kingdom's Tourism and Antiquities Authority stated that the aim was to preserve all historical sites around Najran in order to boost the city's heritage status. In addition, a roadway to the castle is paved to provide easy access to tourists, and the SCTH has also provided mountain climbing activities as part of efforts to boost the castle's tourism status. If you are planning to visit Najran, Raoum Castle is definitely worth a visit.

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