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For These 4 Emirati Women, The Sky Is The Limit

Happy Emirati women's day!

Humans have for centuries dreamt of being able to touch the sky, figuratively and literally. Well, for these four incredible Emirati women, that is part of their professional reality. From skydiving to aircraft flying, let’s take a look at their awe-inspiring journeys and accomplishments:

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Sheikha Latifa

As a tourist destination, Dubai is no stranger to daring adventures and sports, and among the most popular includes skydiving, a sport Sheikha Latifa knows all too well. The daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Sheikha Latifa is outdoor skydiving enthusiast. While taking to the skies, she is often joined by a friend and photographer, Juan Mayer, who is also best known for his involvement in the film “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” He is credited for taking stunning photographs of Latifa, and sharing them on his Instagram account. Till date, Mayer and Latifa have completed over 1,000 dives together.

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Bakhita Al-Muhairi

Bakhita Al-Muhairi is one of the UAE’s first female pilots and is, in fact, amongst the youngest to start a career through the nation carrier, Emirates. Having completed her training in Spain, she found herself practicing on a Boeing 777 before becoming a full-fledged pilot. Ever since, she has been taking to the skies, inspiring other women she comes across during her journeys.

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Dana Al Ali

Mountain climbing is an extreme activity that Dana Al Ali loves to do during her spare time. Driven by her motto “Keep moving forward,” the single mother of two has conquered a handful of the world’s famous mountains, which include Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mt. Elbrus in Russia, and Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina. Al Ali was looking forward to climbing Mt. Everest, probably among the world’s tallest mountains, right before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, so it’s probably a good idea to stay in the know in case she goes for it in the near future.

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Nora AlMatrooshi

If you are fascinated by astronauts, you probably know about Nora AlMatrooshi, the UAE’s first female astronaut. At the age of 28, the mechanical engineer was chosen from over 4,000 candidates for the job. In August 2021, she signed up for training at Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center's base, joining the NASA Astronaut Group 23 of astronauts.

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