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Winging It Has Never Been Easier with Huda’s Eyeliner Hacks

Huda Beauty’s latest drop is the perfect solution for you to wing it with a new game-changing liner, “Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy.”

Specially designed for the most novice, shaky-handed, cat eye rookies as well as all those wing pros, the ultra-fine felt tip combines a super-quick dry formula with ultimate precision allowing you to create effortless feline eyes in just one purrfect flick.

Founder of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan says, “If you’re new to the cat eye game, this liner will have you purring in seconds. The ultra-fine tip allows easy, perfect precision plus the long-wear, smudge and waterproof formula will ensure your wings fly beautifully high all day.” 

Huda and her team created a customized applicator with a precise brush tip especially for Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy, designed to achieve the ultimate balance between firmness and flexibility, and allowing for maximum control and ultimate precision when it comes to creating your perfect wing. The new pen is also armed with a revolutionary ‘progressive flow’ delivery system, which allows an even distribution of the quick-dry, highly-pigmented formula to flow smoothly – and it is now available in “Very Vanta Extreme Black”, the deepest and darkest black with a modern, matte finish. The secret to Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy is its water-based formula that is water, smudge and transfer-proof!

So how does Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy make winging it so easy? Well that’s where Huda’s Hacks come in…

If, like us, you don’t have the steadiest hand or never manage to balance out your left and right eye lids, hold your mirror slightly below the eye so that when you’re drawing your liner, your lashes are facing down – trust us, it makes the process a whole lot easier.

You can even use a sticky note as a stencil to get a clean straight wing.

Start by placing the sticky note edge along the lower lash line and angle it so it meets near the tail end of your brow. Use this edge as a guide to create your wing. Wait for the liner to set, then slowly peel away the sticky note and ta da - the perfect wing!

Huda does it starting by drawing just the tip of the wing starting from the outer corner of the eye, then follows the natural curve of the bottom lash line as a guide to draw upwards for a lifted, flicked shape. Next, she draws along the lash line, starting from the inner corner along the lash line, until she meets the wing she’s already marked and fills in the rest of the liner using small, fine strokes so she’s left with a smooth, feline cat eye. 

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