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Step Into The Award-Winning Tuwaiq Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

An iconic landmark in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, Tuwaiq Palace is known as a venue were many government functions, state receptions, and cultural festivals are often hosted. The palace also plays a vital role in promoting Saudi culture to a global community, and its inviting atmosphere brings in a touch of that contemporary lifestyle to an otherwise authentically Arab setting.

Tuwaiq Palace has 24,000 square meters of dining areas, lobbies, and recreation spaces. You can find social facilities such as a bowling alley, billiards, tennis, squash, a library, and many others. It is also a perfect venue for hosting parties and weddings for anyone looking for a unique setting by an oasis.

Structurally, Tuwaiq Palace is a unique combination of classic and modern designs, a vast contrast to modern buildings across the Kingdom. In 1981, the architectural design was a winning concept at an international competition made possible due to a successful collaboration between Omrania, Frei Otto, and Büro Happold. The construction of Tuwaiq Palace, carried out by Arriyadh Development Authority, began in 1985, and the structure would end up winning the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1998.

The idea was to build a structure that would complement the local plateau overlooking Wadi Hanifa below. From the outside, Tuwaiq Palace is notable for its 800-meter curvy “living walls,” and several tents complementing the structure during both day and night. Ingeniously, the three external tents, which are all Teflon-coated, were designed to allow air flow through their layers while reducing solar radiation.

From an aerial view, you may notice an ambient setting, at the center, resembling an oasis consisting of lush greenery and swimming pools. Indeed, from its architecture to its facilities and setting, it’s easy to see why people love spending time at Tuwaiq Palace.

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