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Huda Kattan Donates To Gazan Families

We are glad she is keeping the momentum around Palestine!

Huda Kattan is the ultimate makeup and beauty icon, entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. As time goes on, there is more to her than what meets the eye… As of late, the American-Iraqi businesswoman has been vocal about the millions of Palestinians being forced out of their homes and the Israel’s colonization of Palestine. Continuing in her beliefs and efforts, she and her sisters have just donated $100,000 USD to Doctors Without Borders in Gaza.

Taking to Instagram to talk about her donation, she captioned a post, “Gaza may not be trending anymore, but the reality is the people there still need our help,” she began, “My sisters and I donated $100,000 to @doctorswithoutborders. I chose them because I know they are on ground and I can see where my money is going. I know we all want to help make a difference, so let’s do it together by bringing awareness and aid to those who need it most,” she added.

This post comes after several posts and Insta stories in which Kattan is speaking out about the attacks on Gaza by Israel, and those who are suffering because of it. In a video she posted on the social media platform, Huda said about the crisis, “I am really annoyed at some of the things that have been happening on some of the social media platforms. There have been very unjust things going on in Palestine right now. Hopefully, most of you have been able to experience the opportunity to buy your own home, and I just recently did. I can’t imagine somebody coming into the home that I built and telling me I have to leave and taking it away from me.”

The makeup mogul also accused social media platforms of deleting posts that expose the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli government and Israelis. Expressing her anger she also said, “It is really disappointing, because a lot of these outlets have outwardly said, ‘we are going to allow fake news.’ But they won’t allow us to post or protest?”

Using her voice, reach and personal and business platforms, Huda Kattan is the philanthropist of our generation. She is inspiring in her stance and fearlessness, especially considering the fact that social media launched her career. She also stated in her video, “One of the gifts of social media is the equal opportunity to spread news and to spread the things of how we see them. But that’s not actual, it depends on which side you are fighting, actually. Because if you are on the wrong side, it will get hidden, or deleted, or nobody is going to see it. I know I have a beauty brand and I am not supposed to talk about politics or whatever, but it is unjust, and I want to stand for what’s right whether it makes me unpopular.” 

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