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10 Dog Friendly Places In Dubai To Take Your Pooch

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When leaving your dog at home, or when doggy day care isn’t an option, it's always a fun idea to take your fur-child out with you. When your prized pooch could do with a social date, Dubai happens to have a plethora of dog friendly cafes, beaches, parks and restaurants to keep your pet, and yourselves, entertained. Click through to discover our list:

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Lime Tree Café

The Lime Tree Café is one of the most popular homegrown cafés in Dubai that also offers dogs plenty of shade and water bowls for them to soak in the atmosphere of the outdoors in the front garden seating area.

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Tania’s Tea House

A rather quaint outing for your furry friends, Tania’s Tea House is infamous for its Insta-worthy décor and menu- including snap worthy meals such as “mermaid toast!” The café’s terrace is dog friendly and makes for the perfect winter outing with your pets.

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La Serre

La Serre is the swankiest French bistro for your pampered pooch to be seen at. The Downtown hotspot has a dog friendly terrace, and the pets are also welcome at the afternoon tea, where they are given a bowl of water to help keep them cool.

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Ivy’s Secret Garden

The newest and greenest coffee spot in Dubai’s Al Quoz area welcomes plant enthusiasts and their furry four legged friends. The ultra cool warehouse turned café also hosts a plethora of arts and crafts workshops such as macramé and painting.

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My Second Home, Dubai Investment Park

My Second Home is an outstanding dog park, daycare and resort just for dogs! The place encourages the pooches to socialize and interact with each other. It really is one of a kind and is the biggest in the Middle East region.

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Burj Park

Burj Park is one of the few parks in the Downtown area which dogs are allowed to enter. Technically, the dogs can only be walked on the pavement, not on the grass and must be leashed at all times. Perhaps less for the dog, but it’s a nice enough place to hang out with your friends, enjoy the fountains and view of the majestic Burj Khalifa.

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Bounty Beets

Another insta-friendly café that is perfect for both dogs and their owners to indulge themselves. The pretty pink spot offers up a fab healthy, plant based, menu for the humans and a fabulous terrace space with drinking bowls a plenty for the dogs.

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Al Qudra Lakes

Just a little way out of the main city, the Al Qudra Lakes offer up a serene idyllic spot – with zero pet restrictions. This means you can take your pooches there for the entire day, enjoy a picnic, camp, participate in a number of activities and even watch the sunset and enjoy the scenes of a beautiful oasis full of swans and flamingos.

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Life’n One

Life’n One happens to be Dubai’s ultimate place to spend the day with your pet. The location offers up a dog-friendly garden, where you and your doggo can sit together and enjoy a refreshing acai treat, and whats more is that you can also participate in a yoga or pilates class there with your four legged bestie.

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Social Company

Located in one of Dubai’s most pet friendly neighbourhoods, The Greens, dog owners can bring their pets along to Social Company in Zabeel House by Jumeirah. All “good boys/girls” are offered yummy treats and fresh water throughout the evening.

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