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Future Women Society Uplifts Saudi Women in STEM Fields

Dr. Adah Almutairi, Saudi expert in pharmaceutical sciences and nanomedicine

In a bid to increase female participation in STEM fields, Saudi Arabia's Future Women Society (FWS) opened a research, innovation and development unit for various scientific disciplines. The Kingdom has been working to boost the role of women in the sciences as part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 main objectives.

According to Arab News, Dr. Gareebah Al-Twaiher, chairperson of the FWS, focused on the importance of shedding light on the benefits of female inclusion in STEM fields and research. “It is an established fact around the world that scientific research is (a) long-term investment and the cornerstone of developing any economy that is built on innovation,” she said.

“It is the basis of creating new sciences and achieving sustainable economic growth, as well as enhancing international competition and creating new industries. We have focused on the optimal investment of knowledge, human and financial resources to achieve a holistic and sustainable economic value and growth. The FWS is working on building its own financial model to achieve financial sustainability that relies on inventing knowledge-based products generating a capital for investment.”

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has been on the front in scientific research in the region and the world. Founded in October 2020, the FWS is under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The society's primary mission is to raise awareness around Saudi women’s role in society and bolster their capabilities in all fields. 

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