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Saudi Arabia On A Journey To Become The Green Kingdom

Here's to leading the region’s next green revolution!

This week, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman announced two major initiatives: the Saudi Arabia Green Initiative and the Green Middle East Initiative, both designed to protect land and nature, and usher in a new era in the region that places the environment first.

Some of the key objectives of the initiatives include: raising vegetation cover; planting billions of trees in what will be the largest reforestation program in the world; work on preserving marine and coastal environments; reducing carbon emissions; increasing the percentage of natural reserves; boosting the contribution of renewable energy; and enhancing public health and the overall quality of life.

Speaking about Saudi Arabia’s role in the region when it comes to the environment, the Crown Prince said, “As a leading global producer of oil, we are fully aware of our share of the responsibility in advancing the fight against the climate crisis, and as our pioneering role in stabilising energy markets during the oil and gas era, we will act to lead the next green era.”

HRH also highlighted the deteriorating state of the environment we are facing today and, hence, the importance of the upcoming launch of these two initiatives in protecting our Earth, and in facing various economic and social challenges.

“The Kingdom and the region are facing many environmental challenges, such as desertification, which poses an economic threat to the region, as it is estimated that 13 billion dollars are drained by sandstorms in the region every year and air pollution from greenhouse gases is estimated to have reduced the average age of citizens by one and a half years,” he explained.

He emphasized the Kingdom’s role in reducing carbon emissions, explaining that the Saudi Green Initiative specifically has been designed to reduce carbon emissions “by more than 4 per cent of global contributions, through renewable energy projects that will provide 50 per cent of electricity production in the Kingdom by 2030.”

The country is also looking at developing “clean hydrocarbon technologies that will eliminate more than 130 million tons of carbon emissions, in addition to raising the proportion of waste diversion from landfills to 94 per cent.” 

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