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Get Active With ASICS’ Women’s Sunrise Programme

Whether you want to ease that mental load, manage the pressure you’re under to succeed or balance the female cycle, this programme has it all…

The Women’s Sunrise Programme, launched by ASICS EMEA, helps bring balance to body and mind through simple, effective exercises. It addresses specific stress triggers and combines advice and exercises from ASICS' athletes, as well as its network of experts.

Eboni Usoro-Brown, an international netball champion, who won Gold for England at the 2018 Commonwealth Game, helps ease that mental load. Also a lawyer and mother, she focuses on listening to the body and moving mindfully. Meanwhile, Swedish long-distance runner Sarah Lahti can be counted upon to get you to relax.

The Olympic athlete, Swedish half marathon record holder and U23 European Championships silver medallist in the 10,000 metre race alleviates pressure by taking time out to move the body. Plus, hormone coach and personal trainer Rabea Kiess offers advice on how to incorporate movement to balance the female cycle. Via coaching, online programmes and a podcast, Kiess is known for helping women in bringing their hormones back into sync so they feel good and can handle daily challenges with energy, creativity and ease.

"I faced a challenging point in my life when I injured my Achilles and needed surgery. Over the course of my recovery, it became very clear to me that balance is important for recovery and long-term success,” Lahti said. “Moments like this made me realise how much the right movement at the right time can uplift both my body and my mind. I believe this is true for everyone," she added.

Since the launch of the Women’s Sunrise Programme, ASICS experts and athletes across the UAE are hosting live ASCIS Sunrise Sessions on social media. The local experts and athletes have been inviting women to move their bodies to bring balance to the body and mind at the start of the day.  

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