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Saudi Arabia Launches "Tourism Shapers" To Empower Its Tourism & Trade Ecosystem

A new initiative has been launched by Saudi Arabia that aims to develop and empower its domestic private sector. Amply named Tourism Shapers, this innovative program by Saudi Tourism Authority was born out of an ambition to develop the Kingdom’s tourism and trade ecosystem and provide the private sector with the support it needs to adapt and grow within the industry.

Indeed, as explained on its official website, the goal of Tourism Shapers is to support various parties involved in the country’s private tourism sector on their business journey by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to take advantage of the many opportunities in the growing tourism sector in Saudi Arabia.

As stated on the site, “Tourism Shapers is a carefully designed program to help you find the solutions you need for the challenges you face. Our thought leaders and subject matter experts believe in sharing their knowledge and experience to help you plan for future success. We want to provide practical insights today that you can implement in your business tomorrow. Join us each month, on our interactive and immersive platform, where we will explore a range of topics and common challenges, providing you with actionable insights to better prepare you for the future.”

To kickstart this first-of-its-kind initiative, a series of monthly interactive webinars is being launched, each presenting a specific topic around best practices, key insights, and key information pertaining to the tourism sector aimed at helping private sector parties stay up to date with the industry’s constant evolution.

The first webinar entitled “The Future of Travel and Tourism” was led by a panel of experts and thought leaders such as Noor Nugali, who is the assistant editor-in-chief of Arab News, and travel expert and Aya Sadder, who is the founder of start-up enabler Why Bolt, each sharing unique insights and perspectives on the future of tourism and how businesses can prepare and adapt for the times to come. To catch all upcoming webinars and to watch previous ones, visit

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