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Saudi Arabia Launches Kiram To Create Tourism Experiences Curated by Its Youth

As Saudi Arabia continues its push to boost its tourism sector, the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) has announced this week the launch of a platform that aims to develop tourism offerings created with the help of its young and creative talents. The Kingdom has just launched Kiram, a platform that aims to showcase the nation’s heritage, culture, and entertainment capabilities, through the development of inspiring tourism experiences made possible through the creativity, talent, and skills of the nation’s youth.

Kiram has been envisioned as a youth-led platform that will also provide various forms of support to Saudi Arabia’s talent such as trainings, qualification programs, and capacity development, allowing them to enrich their skills, hon in their creativity, and contribute to the nation’s ever growing tourism sector. Kiram is one of many initiatives being launched by the Saudi Tourism Authority designed to nurture the age-old, celebrated values of Saudi Arabian hospitality, support local communities, create employment opportunities, bring in much-needed investments, and foster an environment of entrepreneurship.

In parallel to the platform, a TV program with the same name will be launched on MBC1 under the slogan: “Tourism Experiences with a Saudi Spirit.” In addition, a website will soon be setup for anyone interested in taking part Kiram and for those looking to know more about that platform. Those interested in joining the platform can sign up for different training programs in heritage, culture, arts, adventure, luxury, recreation, and more. Candidates will be selected over several stages and will be supervised by experts in the field of tourism, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

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