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Saudi Winter Season: Scientific Tourism Takes Centerstage

Ithra, here we come!

A month ago, the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) announced that it was launching Saudi Winter Season, three months of entertainment, events, and more, in various destinations across the Kingdom. Scheduled to run until March 2021, Saudi Winter Season will bring for the first time focus on scientific tourism, offering residents of and visitors to the Kingdom’s eastern province a world of experiences to remember. This rich calendar of events comes after months of the nation successfully curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

According to news sources, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, also popularly known as Ithra, and the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Center for Science and Technology (Scitech) are working together to bringing science to the forefront of tourism efforts, creating more relatable experiences and interactions with science for people of all backgrounds and ages to enjoy. Visitors can delve deep into the world of science in Scitech’s many halls, each holding interactive exhibits on science and technology. According to Saudi Gazette, the space also houses an astronomical observatory and an IMAX theater that is screening a range of “educational films about nature, space, and animals.” 

For the past two years and counting, Saudi Arabia has been focusing on boosting entertainment and tourism offerings to citizens and visitors alike. As part of its efforts, the Kingdom launched “Saudi Seasons” in 2019, a packed calendar of events and programs for all. Then in its experimental launch, Saudi Seasons included 11 tourism seasons that cover all regions of the Kingdom.

This year, Saudi Arabia is continuing its efforts to offer residents and visitors alike a calendar of events and entertainment, all in a safe and secure environment. The Kingdom’s focus on science is in line with its larger objective, to transform its oil-dependent economy into a more knowledge-based one. Initiatives such as this one between Scitech and Ithra look to bring science into the hearts and minds of all Saudis though fun and creative means and interactive channels. 

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