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Meet The Saudi Leader Thriving Aramco’s Online Presence

Rising to the challenges of a media-saturated world, Sara Tamimi, the Saudi female director of Aramco’s digital communications division, cut through the noise and engaged global audiences.

Sara Tamimi and her team manage the company’s online communications portfolio, including corporate websites, social media accounts, and digital campaigns that together reach some five million people per month. Overall, Aramco’s total digital reach extends to more than 708 million people.

"We’re using the power of digital communications to help people learn more about Aramco, what the company is doing across the business, and why those efforts are important to them," she says.  "Our various channels enable us to tell dynamic stories about the company and its people, and explain how we’re making a difference in the world of energy—and beyond. 

"There’s never a stopping point or a finish line," Sara laughs, "but our work is always exciting and I’m proud of our team’s growing ability to reach people across the Kingdom and around the globe."

The fruits of Sara and her team’s efforts, and their dedication to excellence, is recognized in the multiple awards that Aramco’s digital communication channels have achieved. For example, the Aramco website recently was awarded two Gold awards by the MENA Digital Awards (MDA), as Best Web Platform and Best Use of Digital in the Oil and Gas Sector.  

Those successes did not come about by accident, Sara notes. "We’re using behavioral science and data-driven insights, as well as the strengths of social media and the online world, to share the impact our company has on communities and people around the world, and to bring the company’s human side to life.  We’re making the most of interactive media and content to deliver our messages through a fresh and engaging user experience."

The digital environment may be in a constant state of change, but the drive for achievement is nothing new to this dynamic young leader. Sara’s career began in IT, before she completed her MBA at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology through Aramco’s advanced degree program.

Prior to leading the digital communication team, Sara was responsible for designing and implementing the digital experience at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, known as Ithra. With time spent working across multiple projects, she accumulated skills and experience that positioned her well for the future.  “What makes Aramco a great company is that it provides an environment and culture of learning and curiosity – the opportunity to learn and to become a great contributor,” she says.


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"As the head of digital communication, I am proud to support shaping the narrative about Aramco’s place in the energy landscape. Digital Communication is the first touch point for an audience of millions to interact with the company, and this is a tremendous responsibility."

Sara has always been motivated by making a positive impact. "That has influenced every decision I have made in my career," she says.  "Life is about discovering yourself, what you’re good at, what you’re interested in and what your calling is – through the opportunities that life presents to you, and the ways it challenges you."


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She believes for one to be successful, one must be open, receptive, and willing to grow and challenge themselves. “Those are the character and personality traits that I aspire to and are embodied by great leaders,” Sara says. “I have also been blessed, throughout my career, to work with diverse, creative and truly excellent teams and leadership. They have taught me invaluable lessons and learning from them has been an incredible opportunity and privilege."

Sara challenges other women to follow their ambitions with straightforward advice.  "Life can be tough, whether you are a man or a woman, and success will not come without consistent hard work. The world has changed dramatically in the last several decades, and the world today requires both men and women to bring their best to the table," she says. 

"Aramco has enabled women to become an influential part of our transformation as a company and a society,” Tamimi adds. “To all young women in Aramco or outside who aim to have a successful career in business, I say if you have a dream, don’t give up on that dream until it becomes a reality through grit and determination."

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