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Finally! Under Armour Releases A Sport Hijab For Muslim Athletes

For the past few years, the fashion and sports worlds have woken up to the fact that Muslim women are a sizeable demographic with significant buying power, and whether they are everyday people, active individuals, or professional athletes, they have specific needs when it comes to what they wear. Following that realization, global brands, from Nike to Dolce & Gabbana, have been releasing a slew of fashion items tailored specifically to today’s modern and modest Muslim woman.  

The latest name in the game to follow suit is Under Armour, which announced last week the release of its very-first sport hijab for female Muslim athletes! According to the company’s official press release, Under Armour explained that its sport hijab was made with the help of Hijabi athletes from around the world, and has been designed to offer sweat-wicking capabilities, breathability, and fast drying time. The hijab, which also comes with built-in headphone access and a reflective logo, is currently retailing for 35 US dollars.

A week before Under Armour revealed its sport hijab, American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger also launched its first hijab. The elegant headscarf has been described as lightweight, made with a fine, woven jacquard, and shot through with a gentle lurex thread for a delicate shimmer.

It comes as no surprise that brands such as Under Armour and Tommy Hilfiger are focusing more on catering to their Muslim clientele. Indeed, they are a couple of years late to the game, as a number of brands have long expanded their lines to cater to more modest customers, targeting the lucrative Muslim markets particularly as growth in retail in the Arab world has now outpaced that in Asia and Russia.   

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