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Discover Abha’s Tourist, Archaeological & Cultural Sites

Hop on a 45-minute bus tour!

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In the southwestern region of Asir lies some of Saudi Arabia’s most stunning offerings, from diverse landscapes to magnificent mountains, lush valleys to a range of attractions and fun events. Now, the capital of Asir is giving visitors a 45-minute tour of the remarkable city and is doing so by bus! Abha now has four tourist buses that begin daily trips from the entrance of Talal maddah theatre, located in Al Muftah Village.  

Visitors board the bus to discover the city’s top cultural, historical, and archeological attractions. The tour reportedly passes by the Asir National Museum, King Faisal Mosque, Art Street, Abha’s highest peak, Abu Khayal Garden Park, the public library (home to over 70,000 books, as well as a center holding various manuscripts documents), and more. Tourists will also get the chance to see High City, the city’s latest tourism project offering a range of diverse dining options, cafes, hotels, resorts, and more.

In line with current preventive measures put into place across the Kingdom to curb the spread of COVID-19, the bus rides will only accept 12 to 15 passengers each time, seated far from one another at a safe distance. The tour bus is reportedly being run by the Al-Haqer company, under the supervision of the region’s Tourism Council.

Whether they choose to go on this new bus tour or to explore the city on their own, one thing is certain: visitors to Abha will not be disappointed. The city is known for many things such as its legendary jacarandas, its hilly location and mild climate, its entertainment offerings such as its amusement park and summer festival, and its unique traditions. Indeed, is no wonder that the city was chosen in 2017 as the Capital of Arab Tourism by the Arab League’s Arab Tourism Organization.  

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