A Saudi First: Adult Vocational Education Courses for Men and Women

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, adult technical education courses are being offered. The courses, which are open to both men and women, include automobile mechanics household electronics and computing.  The courses are a further step towards decreasing the country’s dependence on foreign labour, and the initiative is in line with the strategic economic goals of improved education and expanded vocational training.

Currently, the overwhelming majority of mechanics, electricians, plumbers and other skilled labourers are foreigners, hired to perform work that in the past has been shunned by Saudi youth. The government has created several initiatives to encourage young men and women to consider careers as skilled labourers as part of the country’s effort to become self-reliant. These courses offer older Saudi’s a chance to gain the knowledge and skills to enter into new fields.  

The courses are free, with the exception of a small registration fee.

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