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7 Tasty Facts On Dates in Saudi Arabia

Who doesn’t love dates? These palm tree fruits have endless health benefits and do not disappoint in the taste departments. A central part in Arab culture and food, dates are either consumed as is or become key ingredients in the yummiest of deserts and snacks. Considered a sacred fruit to break fasts during the holy months of Ramadan, dates are an excellent source of nutrients, which can help you reduce stubborn sugar cravings. 

With Saudi Arabia being a major producer of dates, here are some awesome facts around our favorite fruit: 

1. Saudi Arabia ranks 2nd in the world in the production of dates. This accounts for 17 percent of global production, which stands at 8.8 million tons. 

2.The Crown Prince’s Vision 2030 aims for the Kingdom to become the largest exporter of dates in the world. 

3. Want numbers?

KSA produces 1,539,755 tons of dates annually from which 184,000 tons are exported at a value of SR860 million (almost $230 million) 

4. 31,234,155 palm trees stand tall in the Kingdom and spread out in over 123,000 agricultural holding stretched out across 107,000 hectares.

5. The National Center for Palm and Dates established a “Saudi dates trademark" in 2018, guaranteeing the quality of dates and good agricultural practices in palm production. 

6.The trademark efforts settled on 1 varieties of celebrated local dates.


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7. If you fancy a regaling date feast, make it a point to visit the iconic Cafe Bateel with branches all across the Kingdom.

You can expect endless date-licious options such as their famed stuffed or coated date and their signature sticky date pudding best served with their afogato-style qahwa ice cream.  

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