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2 Highlights From Arab Fashion Week 2020

Described as a resounding success, the recent Arab Fashion Week (AFW) 2020 offered fashion enthusiasts three days of fantastic fashion shows, presentations and panel discussions. For the first-time ever, the entire event was hosted virtually, and well as being able to watch the exciting shows live on AFW’s website, viewers were able to instantly log on to the dedicated “Shop the Runway” website to get their hands on the pieces they loved the most. Here are two of our favourite shows from the 11th edition of AFW, which was held in partnership with leading social media platform Tiktok Arabia. 

Astareh Najmeh Asadi, the first Iranian designer to showcase at Arab Fashion Week, treated viewers to a contemporary, genderless collection. Asadi, who founded Joweh in 2018, had men and women walk the runway in a live streaming from a fashion factory warehouse. All the looks were in black and white, making the collection simple yet striking. The geometric-style looks with undefined shapes and silhouettes were a nod to peace and equality amongst genders, cultures and religions.

Before launching Joweh, which means dress in Bakhtiari culture, Asadi was involved in several successful interior design projects. Asadi, who was into art at a young age, has also opened a Tehran showroom offering pieces from renowned brands. Being a luxury brand retailer gave her the experience she needed to start the label associated with her Persian origin. As well as being influenced by the rich and famous tribe she comes from in Iran, Asadi ensures every collection she creates has its own conceptual and technical process. Timelessly elegant, the outfits that shout feminine strength and architectural fashion are designed so we can wear them flexibly.  

For her Resort 2021 collection, Rusen Denizlili presented 15 different, multi-layered looks that had an undeniable vibrant energy.  The Turkish Founder and head designer of Nueve, a label that aims to reflect the beauty and simplicity of delicate patterns and structures found in nature, included intricate handmade embroidery, bold silhouettes that accentuate femininity and glamorous dresses, including volumed tulle ones. “The Daze in Spirit” collection also featured crystals, asymmetric sequins, pearls, Swarosvki stones and soft touches of layer designs. Additionally, the sensual and modern collection wed a variety of textures with elegant materials like luminous silk organza and Italian satin.

Known for its defined silhouettes and intricately-detailed, well-constructed and multi-dimensional pieces, Nueve was created in 2013 to appeal to the woman who appreciates timeless fashion but has the confidence to don daring pieces. While all the haute couture pieces that come with exquisite handmade embellishments and embroideries to give them a one-of-a-kind look and feel are created in Turkey, the luxurious fabrics are from Paris and İtaly.  

With precise cuts, soft colours and a neutral touch, Denizlili’s collections are dazzling yet not avant-garde, sexy but wearable and elegant with a modern vibe. She always manages to make a statement by contrasting elements of romance and softness with hints of pureness and seduction.  

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