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COVID-19 vs. The World: 10 Things To Note From The G20 Virtual Summit

We are all in this together...

At this time of crisis, the Saudi Arabia G20 presidency chair King Salman called for an emergency global virtual meeting on March 26th to address the coronavirus pandemic. The leaders of the world's largest economy gathered in this extraordinary event via video conference to discuss the urgency of finding ways to safeguard the lives of people around the globe and reduce the negative impacts on the global economy. Here's what we learned from this exceptional G20 gathering:

1. The G20 president chair King Salman expressed condoleances to the lost lives around the world.
“ I would like to extend our deepest condolences to all countries around the world and to their respective citizens over the lives lost to this pandemic, wishing speedy recovery for all those who are infected,” said King Salman.

2. This pandemic is a powerful reminder of our human nature
“The unprecedented #COVID19 pandemic is a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness and vulnerabilities," King Salman said.

3. Solidarity is crucial in the face of a virus that respects no borders
“The virus respects no borders. Combatting this pandemic calls for a transparent, robust, coordinated, large-scale and science-based global response in the spirit of solidarity,” G20 joint statement read.

4. An imminent global response is needed to win over COVID-19.

5. G20 leaders will ensure the continuous manufacturing of medical supplies at an affordable rate.
"We will expand manufacturing capacity to meet the increasing needs for medical supplies and ensure these are made widely available, at an affordable price, on an equitable basis," the statement read.

6. The emergency meeting laid out all off the G20’s current objectives in the face of COVID-19 pandemic.

7. $5 trillion dollars will mitigate and reduce the social, economical, and financial impact of this pandemic

8. The G20 will work together to finance medical research against COVID-19.
"To complement these efforts, the G20 must assume the responsibility of reinforcing cooperation in financing research and development for therapeutics and a vaccine for COVID-19"

9. Preparedness is a key attribute to put an end to this global crisis and the G20 will collaborate with the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to pinpoint gaps.

10.  Health workers are heroes to ever thankful for.
“We express our gratitude and support to all frontline health workers as we continue to fight the pandemic.”

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