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This Saudi Blogger Is Changing What It Means To Be an Arab Woman

Nada Al-Ghowainim is on a mission to redefine what it means to be a modern Saudi woman. The self proclaimed ‘Saudi diva’ shares her unique experiences through a series of blog posts, and has also dedicated a section on her blog towards inspirational stories of other women who, like her, are following their passion and challenging the status quo. Nada took some time out of her busy schedule to let us in on her pursuit of self-discovery.

Why the name "Saudi Diva"?
Almost everyone that I meet is instantly surprised by the fact that I’m from Saudi Arabia. This element made me stand out from the crowd, a unique and original trait. The Diva aspect represents my character, I consider myself a Diva in my ways, behavior and how I view myself. Being a Diva is not only about leading a luxurious or pampered lifestyle, it also signifies that the person thinks highly of herself and demands attention and respect wherever they go!

Who is your audience and what message are you trying to spread?
My audience is mainly women who are trying to find their purpose in life, who aspire to become something bigger, who want to grow into a better version of themselves. This includes both Arabic and International women. Any woman who’s ready to step outside of her comfort zone and explore life and its endless opportunities. The woman who’s willing to take a leap of faith into changing her life and personality to the better. My blog aims to change perspectives about what it means to be an Arabic woman in the 21st Century.

Even though you come from a Saudi family, you don't consider yourself purely Saudi. How would you define yourself? 
True. Growing up in the cosmopolitan city of Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia has greatly influenced my character. I consider myself a hybrid or a fusion of the Arab and Western culture. My lifestyle, mindset and behavior reflect both Eastern and Western culture and that’s what makes me an original Saudi Diva!

Nada Al-Ghowainim

Speaking of growing up in Al Khobar, in your blog you mention that your childhood experiences shaped who you are today. How does that reflect that in your writing?
Basically, not having emotional support while growing up forces you to be strong when times are challenging, find your own way and be resilient and defensive when needed.
Although this hasn’t been an easy ride, I like to see it as the catalyst for my continuous growth and evolvement. Throughout my life, I always stayed true to who I was and did my own thing even when my parents didn’t necessarily approve. Having said that, I’ve always been sensible about things and my childhood and adulthood in Saudi has taught me discipline, perseverance and resilience. My readers can see my constant evolvement and growth in my blog stories and they find inspiration and insight from them. I believe that I’m a leader of a new generation of Arab women!

What are your future plans and aspirations, and where do you see your blog taking you?
Since I had many blog readers tell me that I should write a book, that’s one project that I plan to work on. It will most likely be a biography which features inspirational women from around the world. The inspirational women stories are already part of my blog. Another goal is to run workshops for women who are looking to make life-changing decisions and choices. The workshops will help women discover their true self, passions and life purpose. They will also act as a guide for leading a lifestyle which aligns with their core values and interests. Eventually, I also see myself hosting my own retreats for women from diverse backgrounds who are looking to heal and connect with like-minded individuals who share their story.

How would you define a “Saudi woman”?
A Saudi woman is resilient, strong, determined, focused, yet can also be defined as caring, compassionate, loving and soft. We are more fearless, brave and courageous than you might expect us to be! I believe that we are a breed in a constant state of evolution and expansion!

Connect with Nada Al-Ghowainim:
Facebook: Saudi Diva
Instagram: @saudidivablog

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