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An Expert’s Take On How To Maintain Any Surgical Beauty Procedure

Post-op care for surgical beauty procedures can last a year if not more, so take note!

With cosmetic surgery being common place, more and more people are investing in their appearances with surgical treatments, be it reconstruction or lunchtime botox fixes, but how does one give their results longevity?

Dr. Whitney Burrell, of The Beverley Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Valiant Clinic by Meraas, works closely with her patients on achieving a natural yet desired look when it comes to any surgical procedures. Specializing in the “mummy makeover,” a post-birth breast reconstruction and body contouring, Dr Burrell truly understands the emotional relationship her patients have with their bodies.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we spoke with Dr Whitney Burrell who shared 3 major tips with about making appearance enhancing procedures work for you, the simple things you can do to make your results last longer, as well as the lifelong ritual of taking care of your body:

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1. Maximize On Your Recovery Time

More often than not, results from surgery or other procedures aren’t always immediately visible. Its important to rest and allow for the body to adjust to the changes. “Too often patients start feeling great and push their physical activity earlier than recommended. Or they feel pressure to go back to work even when they don’t feel their best,” says Dr Burrell, “This rushed recovery can hamper or even seriously jeopardize the benefits of a surgical or spa procedure.”

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2. Your Health Is A Priority

Alluding to a healthy lifestyle, finding time for exercise and a well balanced diet is something the American surgeon cannot stress enough, “I only operate on patients with reasonable goals who have demonstrated a commitment to healthy eating and exercise. This also does NOT mean so-called “crash dieting” or orthorexia with regard to exercise or food.  Without a stable base, all the work will be quickly erased,” she says.

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3. Use SPF Daily

SPF isn’t just for your time by the pool, and its important to know that the sun causes premature aging, which is why the Dr also adds, “Most facial aging is attributable to UV radiation from the sun. Thus, it is non-negotiable that EVERYONE should be wearing SPF 30 or higher every day, particularly if one has gone through the trouble of undoing the ravages of UV radiation with a facelift or laser treatment.” Make it a daily ritual to prolong aging.

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