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Bali, The Idyllic Corner To Find Heart Energy

Since the Indonesian island is an energy vortex with two Ley Lines intersecting, it provides so much vitality..

While holiday hot spot Bali is known for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs, forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, spellbinding natural beauty and affordability, the Indonesian island is also a centre for spirituality and self-discovery. As well as flocking there to learn more about healing, meditation, yoga and consciousness, many visitors seek out heart energy and its healing properties. Here’s a look at heart energy and why Bali, which provides such a powerful energy, is perfect for wellness adventurers who are in need of a little TLC, including those who are heartbroken after a relationship breakdwown.

What is Heart Energy? 
Heart energy is a broadband, vibrational energy that is simple, loving, giving and warm. The love element many of us are seeking is tied up in it, so it’s an easy energy for most to grasp and understand. When you have a love-filled experience that comes from loving any entity, peacefulness is the final result. In effect, it’s the type of energy that brings you closer to the universe and lets you expand your being. Heart energy allows you to become whole again and attracts fire and light inside. As it expands out from your body, it allows you to approach and touch others.

Why Seek Heart Energy in Bali?
The chakras or energy centres in the body help keep us healthy, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. These energy centres have electrical currents running in and out and surround the whole plant. (If you could map these out, they would look somewhat like a DNA strand.) The energetic lines join in two points on the planet, with the first being Lake Titicaca in the Andes, which is also called the Sacral Chakra. The other place these Ley Lines meet is in Bali, which may explain one reason behind the energy found there. Plus, the fascinating spot is where many find the Earth’s Kundalini energy. This vortex is thought to be a place or purification, cleansing and rejuvenation of the soul and the body.

Benefits of Heart Energy
Opening up to the universe is always beneficial as it restores and rejuvenates the feelings of joy, passion and love inside of you. Additionally, heart energy helps heal the body, sometimes even in an area you didn’t know you needed curing.  You may find yourself moving at a faster pace. When the energy of the heart opens up, you end up experiencing peace and enlightenment. And the more people who experience this loving energy, the more peace and love ends up on our planet.

Finding Heart Energy in Bali
There are a variety of resorts that can help you find heart energy in Bali. While you’re on “vacation” these wellness resorts help you relax and heal, so when you return home you are healthier in your mind, body and soul., a newly launched health and wellness holidays hub in Dubai, whcih brings together awesome and unique locations, instructors and added services, has cherry-picked these two spots: 
iWakening is one of the retreats in Bali that guides guests to awaken their heart’s potential. Over the course of 10 days, they learn how to work with their heart energy field using a variety of tools.

Fivelements resort is another Balinese option for achieving and learning about heart energy. Their therapies focus on healing with meditation including chakra balancing sessions, prana energy healing and deep bodywork to employ the five elements that are used to heal the body. 

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