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Saudi’s MDL Beast Festival Wins Guinness World Record

Last month, Saudi Arabia hosted MDL Beast Festival, which won a Guinness World Record, was the biggest in the history of the kingdom.

December 19th 2019 inaugurated the first day of the 3 day music festival, which featured 70 world famous DJs and musical acts, including the likes of David Guetta, Amr Diab, Peggy Gou, Tiesto and many more. With MDL Beast being the biggest music festival to take place in Saudi Arabia to date, the festival welcomed over 400,000 attendees.

The first of its kind in the kingdom, MDL Beast has made a place for Saudi Arabia on the international festival scene and garnered a Guinness World Record for having the world’s tallest temporary stage in the world – which shouldn’t come as any surprise since the main stage at the festival was entitled, “Big Beast.”

Not only did attendees enjoy performances by some of the world’s top musical acts, but were also kept occupied by the festival’s 5 districts, including MDL Town (food and drink), Art Beast (performances), and Retail Therapy (fashion and lifestyle).

Those present or offering services at the major festival in Saudi Arabia described the festival as “a social, cultural and artistic event,” that they were proud to be a part of and were optimistic about the future of music and contemporary culture related festivals in the kingdom.

DJ R3hab, a Dutch- Moroccan act talked about why he enjoyed MDL Beast, stating, "What I like about this festival is that it’s very different - it’s a complete fusion, some Arab artists and a lot of international DJ’s and it all works really well. I think that’s very special and I’ve never seen that before."

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