About Her: Saudi Arabia’s First Black Vlogger

Black beauty hasn’t always been given the attention it deserves in the Arab world but Saudi-born Abeer Sinder is shattering the dark skin stigma.

Sinder, who is the Kingdom’s first black fashion and beauty vlogger, took the internet by storm in the recent weeks  when she released a video on her YouTube channel titled in Arabic ‘Yes she's black.. but she's beautiful.’ The video caught a quarter of a million views in just two weeks.

According to Sinder, the title refers to a usual offensive remark made by Arabs who believe they are complimenting a 'black but beautiful' girl without realising the racist undertones involved.

"We are told that our features are ugly but it's okay because yes, you are black - but you're also pretty and bubbly and you have good energy," she told The New Arab.

The Saudi vlogger’s videos received a flood of compliments although some comments revealed a hint of racism.

"Growing up, I always felt that my dark skin is beautiful and that I was pretty,” she said. “But that changed when I went out into society. I started to hear so many hateful, racist comments that made me hate myself for a while. I even considered skin bleaching."

Speaking of her blogging inspiration, she said "The main reason why I started blogging is because in the Middle East - Saudi Arabia to be specific – is because there aren't any social or public representatives of the 'black girl'."

"I couldn't relate to any of the public figures and style influencers I followed, and I looked for someone with my complexion so that I can benefit from their experiences but I couldn't find any. So I decided to be that person for a lot of other black Arabs."

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