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Saudi Arabia Launched Its Largest Career Fair for Women This Week in Its Capital Riyadh

Based on key objectives laid out in its Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has been working on increasing women’s participation in the workforce from 22 percent to 30 percent by 2030, particularly through strategic goals that support their economic empowerment and self-reliance. As part of its efforts, the Kingdom launched a few years ago “A Step Ahead,” a career fair designed to empower Saudi women and specifically support their transition into the workforce by providing them with ample employment opportunities, motivating them to learn new skills, and developing their skills.

This week, “A Step Ahead” was launched once again, this time in a grand way, setting itself as the Kingdom’s biggest ever job fair ever held for women. The three-day affair was reported by Arab News as being organized by Saudi-based Glowork in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. It saw the participation of a number of government institutions, as well as international and local companies, all offering thousands of career opportunities for women across a wide range of sectors.

Speaking to the news site, managing director and founding partner at Glowork Khalid Al-Saleh, said, “We started it (the recruitment fair) seven years ago and organize it annually under the patronage of the Labor Ministry. It is a national-level event designed to empower Saudi women with all educational backgrounds and experiences […] We have had more than 190,000 women participating in events over the past six years, over 10,000 who got trained and attended free workshops, and around 36,000 women who have been hired through Glowork, many of them through this event.”

The last two years have seen more and more Saudi women becoming active participants in the development of the Kingdom’s economy and changing face of its society. Indeed, earlier this year, it was reported that the various efforts being made across the board to have a more diverse working population had resulted in around 600,000 Saudi women joining the workforce, a significant change that symbolizes the direction the Kingdom has taken.

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