Massimo Dutti’s Dubai Flagship Store Showcases New Concepts in Fashion and Tech

Massimo Dutti’s flagship store in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates has just relaunched with a new concept space across 1000sq meters, featuring both menswear and womenswear alongside bespoke personal tailoring and personalisation services.

Creating a 360 experience for customers, Massimo Dutti’s new interior concept expresses the brand's natural evolution from its purest origins, reflecting the brand's level of excellence, not only through its stellar collection. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, the store flaunts urban wood accents and lush plants for a refreshing edge, complete with unique furniture designs that reinforce the brand’s new identity.

Dedicated to offering its customers a truly unique experience, Massimo Dutti’s expert Style Advisors advise clients and suggest outfits based on their preferences, style and occasion. For a complete private experience, the VIP fitting rooms allow guests to discover the collection at their own convenience. Customers can customise their buys on-the-spot with the personalisation service, to have their initials embroidered onto their piece by a professional tailor.

Massimo Dutti’s new sore concept highlights Inditex Group’s approach to eco-efficiency as the company has strived to ensure that resources including energy consumption have been reduced by around 30% and water consumption by 40%. The eco-efficiency measures implemented include a store lighting system that optimizes the lighting for the furnishings, as well as the exclusive use of LED bulbs. The lighting system also enables partial lighting of store spaces that adjusts according to the time of day, in addition to movement-sensors in staff areas to avoid wastage.

Beyond the look and feel of the store, the store has made shopping easier than ever as the brand continues to offer new purchasing experiences based on innovation and adaptation to customers' needs. The new store’s suite of high-tech features includes the Magic Mirror, a new technological innovation by the brand, wherein customers can interact with the ‘mirror’ to filter through the collections and browse through the latest collections and look books.

Using RFID technology, the ‘mirror’ displays all relevant information about a particular piece, including size, colour and composition, when a piece is placed near it. In addition to this, the bar-code display allows customers to scan items directly from the app and add it to their shopping cart.

The store also holds an exclusive collection only available at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, so if you’re in the locality, you won’t want to miss the latest in the coming season’s fashions.

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