A Different Take on Middle East’s Stunning Artisanal Rugs

A plethora of bright colors lay under the glistening sun as they create a spectacular canvas settling on the horizon below the crooked hills. Being constantly flipped by the workers to catch the rays, the washed carpets are laid out to dry in Turkey as the wind howls by.

Turkey is very well-known for its artisanal rugs and the majestic colors they boast of. Among the organic materials used to produce the carpets are natural wools, walnut shells, daisies, and root dyes. However, before they can be moved to the markets, they are taken to the Dösemealti region in Antalya for their colours to be moderated as they are baked under the sun. Their owners and sellers travel from across the country to clean the rugs every year in July and August. The Taurus Mountains seem to always be overlooking this view as the fields are covered with carpets for a whole two months, and once dried, they are replaced with new ones.

Amateur photographer, Seyit Konyali, caught the scene one day and was captivated by the beauty of 20,000 carpets being tended below the azure mountain skyline. Seyit said, "It was magical to see such a visual feast - each carpet had different patterns, and the colours were vivid and impressive. There I felt in a very different world."

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