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Dubai’s Summer Camp Inspiring Children To Become Future Innovators

Schools teach us the basics we need to take us to university for higher education, which then prepares us for the career journeys we want to embark on. However, with the world adapting to the digital age and the development of technologies that will carry mankind into the future, is traditional schooling missing a trick?

With Dubai’s vision to equip children and schools with the skills they need to empower and produce innovative and entrepreneurial talents, they have introduced a summer camp which aims to delve into the untapped potential of the region’s future Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Dreamers is a new summer camp initiative set up by STEP Group that is dedicated to inspire the youth of the UAE to become future leaders in the tech and entrepreneurialism. Co-founder and CEO of Step Group, Ray Dargham said at the launch of Dreamers: "There has always been one key problem that we've seen and heard repeatedly over the years, and this problem is talent. Today, we've decided to do something about it.”

Taking place at the end of June, the summer camp will take place in Dubai and will accommodate children aged between 8 – 18. The young attendees of the exciting camp can expect to participate in educational activities that will equip them with knowledge about “future industries and technology, space exploration, along with the foundations of entrepreneurship,” as reported by StepFeed.

The educational program will have 3 modules on:

  • Space Exploration, which will enable the young Dreamers to learn about space and tech via exciting activities including rocket building, experiments and cosmic simulations. This module is for ages 8-13.
  • Building The Future will entail imaginative lessons in which those in attendance can imagine and build their ideal future cities using “artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation”. This module is for ages 8-13.
  • Entrepreneurship Foundations, invites youth aged 14-18 to learn about the basics of “launching a potential business”.

Dreamers will run from June 30th – August 29th, and costs are around $400 for 1 week and $600 for 2 weeks.

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