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Saudi Fans of #SaltBae Rejoice: Turkish Chef Opens His First Pop-Up Restaurant in Jeddah

Jeddah Season is in full-swing, its scheduled 150-plus events and activities attracting visitors from across Saudi Arabia and beyond to enjoy a month and a half of fun and entertainment. As part of the larger Saudi Seasons calendar, which is essentially a series of events and programs aimed at transforming the Kingdom, Jeddah Season has seen a number of international names from the restaurant world opening up mouthwatering, Instagram-able pop-ups, including the world-famous Salt Bae.

Known in real life as Turkish Chef Nusret Gökçe, Salt Bae has just set up shop in the Red Sea port city, opening a pop-up branch of his famous Nusr-Et steakhouse as part of the city’s festivities. Since its establishment, the steakhouse has been a favorite with many across the globe, with restaurants now found in New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. Chef Gökçe earned the name Salt Bae when a video of him cutting up a steak and salting it in the most iconic way went viral, shooting him to fame within the social media spheres.

There is no doubt that Gökçe has adoring fans in Saudi Arabia but not many are sure his adoration and salt sprinkling skills are enough to justify the expensive menu at his newly opened popup. According to Stepfeed, an image of Gökçe’s menu went viral on Saudi Twitter this week for its pricey items, such as a gold-crusted steak priced at $333, a sizzling tenderloin dish (for four people) for $415, a regular burger for $46, and a golden burger for $120.

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