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The First Infrared Photo Competition in the World: Step into the Lens of Fantasy

“We wanted this event to gather up truly great examples of what can be done with Infrared photography as an artistic medium.”

by Luciano Demasi

The Life in Another Light photo contest was started to serve as an exhibition to the best photographs and stories from the infrared community.

A spokeswoman for Kolari talked about the event, “This is our first year running this competition, and we're hoping to make it an annual event. Participation was far greater than we initially expected with roughly 2,750 submissions from 493 photographers.”

“Since creative IR photos aren't very prevalent in the professional photography world yet, we wanted to create a place to see what the best IR shots look like and how to use alternative wavelengths of light creatively and as a form of storytelling.”

"Our expectations were totally blown away by the amount and quality of contest we received, both still images and photo essays."

Winners hail from the US, UK, India, Russia, France, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Egypt and Hong Kong.

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1 by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

2 of 14

by Beamie Young

3 of 14

by Blake Rudis

4 of 14

by Dave Tree

5 of 14

by David Hall

6 of 14

by David Hochleitner

7 of 14

by Helen Bradshaw

8 of 14

by Ivan Kulikov

9 of 14

by Klaus Priebe

10 of 14

by Matteo Dalle Feste

11 of 14

by Matthew Stuart

12 of 14

by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

13 of 14

by Tran Minh Dung

14 of 14

by Vladimir Migutin

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