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Three Saudi Female Athletes Feature in Adidas’ Latest Campaign About Supporting Women

Renowned sportswear brand Adidas released an inspirational video this month centered on female empowerment, featuring three Saudi Arabian women who are leading the way in their respective fields: Lojain Alrefae, a Saudi fitness trainer and designer who created the first sports abaya, Raha Moharrak, the youngest Arab and first Saudi to conquer Mount Everest, and Saja Kamal, a football player and two-time Guinness World Record holder.


When I was first approached by @adidasRunning to create the #UltraBoost 19 campaign I was ecstatic! It brings me so much joy to be considered as one of the Saudi females who are known to break barriers and defy all norms. I get to share my story with adidas and hopefully help inspire other women to follow their dreams and to never take no for an answer! I look forward to celebrating every barrier broken, every mountain climbed and every #InternationalWomensDay with you. #HereToCreate سعدت للغاية عندما تلقيت اتصالًا من @adidasRunning لتدشين حملة #UltraBoost 19، فلا شيء يسعدني أكثر من أن أوصف بكوني إحدى النساء السعوديات اللاتي كسرن الحواجز و تركن أثرًا إيجابيًا. مع أديداس، سوف أحكي قصتي و آمل أن تُلهم نساء أخريات ليطاردن أحلامهن حتى تتحول إلى حقيقة كما أتطلع للاحتفال معكم بكل حاجز أكسره وبكل جبل أتسلقه وبــ #يوم_المرأة_العالمي كُل عام.

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Together, these three women have collaborated with Adidas to bring its Ultraboost 19 running shoes campaign to life, featuring in its short film, which was shot in various parts of Jeddah. The video highlights the product throughout but it also celebrates a very moving message about women who push boundaries and break stereotypes, women who are unwavering in their determination and passion, working hard to always follow their dreams so others can realize theirs.

Its game-changing message is evident throughout, through the visuals and in the dialogue, such as when Moharrak says, “The girl after me won’t have to fight to be the first. She’ll fight to be the best […] As a woman, I’ve had to climb and overcome a lot of barriers on my way to reach the top and to be able to be the woman I am today.” 

Speaking to Saudi Gazette about the film, Lojain, said, “The expectations of what I should and shouldn’t be as a woman is a heavy weight to carry, but with time I have learned to not let anything limit me and to be the strongest version of myself […] Doing this with adidas in my home city, and being filmed on the running strip of the Jeddah Corniche, could not make me more proud of who I am and where I’m from. With everything I do, I aim to come back faster and stronger - and I can with UB19.”

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