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Gulf and European Artists Take Part in Al’Obour, the 6th Edition of Jeddah’s 21,39 Art

Ahmed Mater Exhibition

One of Saudi Arabia’s most-anticipated art events is just a few days away and is being put together by a diverse roster of artists from the Kingdom and beyond. The sixth edition of Jeddah’s annual 21,39 initiative, which is a non-profit contemporary art initiative organized annually by the Saudi Art Council, will be open to the public on the 6th of February, and has been made possible by the efforts of 25 Saudi, Gulf, and European artists.


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This year’s exhibition is entitled Al’Obour (The Crossing), a multigenerational aesthetic experience held under the patronage of HRH Princess Jawaher bint Majid bin Abdulaziz that will be shown for three months at the Gold Moor Mall in Jeddah.

Al’Obour comprises installations, paintings, sculptures, photography, and films by three generations of prominent artists in Saudi Arabia – such as Saudi Arabian artist Nora Almazrooa – in an attempt to build bridges of communication and open dialogue between them. Curating the exhibition is Dr. Effat Abdullah Fadag, who is Associate Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Jeddah, as well as an artist and academic.


مقدمة عن الفنانين المشاركين في فعاليه ٢١.٣٩ النسخة السادسة - ريم الناصر - ولدت ريم الناصر في جده. حصلت على درجة البكالوريوس من جامعة جازان ، وأكملت إقامتها في مؤسسة دلفينا ، لندن ، 2017. Introducing the 21,39 6th Edition Artists - Reem Al Nasser - Reem Al Nasser was born in Jeddah and is currently living and working in Jizan. She has received her BA from Jazan University, and completed her residency at Delfina Foundation, London, 2017. @ubsglobalart @vancleefarpels @almansouria_foundation @germanyinksa @saaidcsr @spark_official @bmwsaudiarabia @meddcoffee @midwam #art #2139jeddaharts #saudiart #saudiartcouncil #artists #saudiartists#ubsart #6EDITION2139 ‎#الفن #الفنانين #الفنان_السعودي #المجلس_الفني_السعودي

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Speaking to Saudi Gazette, Dr. Dafag explained that Al’Obour will also include lectures, workshops, and panel discussions, as well as discovery trips to the historical area of Jeddah. She also highlighted the focus of this year’s edition to assimilate modern technology in creating an interactive and immersive experience inspired by the concept of “crossing.”


مقدمة عن الفنانين المشاركين في فعاليه ٢١.٣٩ النسخة السادسة - الجوهره - الجوهره فنانه ومصوره  فوتوغرافيه من هولندا. درست التصوير في بلجيكا وأنتجت مجموعة من الاعمال مرتبطه بالفن والعمارة  و التصميم Introducing the 21,39 6th Edition Artists - Aljohara - Machteld  Albertha Petra Everdien  is a Dutch photographer and artist who goes by the name Aljohara. She studied photography in Belgium and has produced work for a range of industries, including art, architecture, design studios, and publishers @ubsglobalart @vancleefarpels @almansouria_foundation @germanyinksa @saaidcsr @spark_official @bmwsaudiarabia @meddcoffee @midwam #art #2139jeddaharts #saudiart #saudiartcouncil #artists #saudiartists#ubsart #6EDITION2139 ‎#الفن #الفنانين #الفنان_السعودي #المجلس_الفني_السعودي

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Explaining the title of the exhibition, Dr. Fadag said, “The main theme of the exhibition is to question the nature of crossing through its different manifestations. It answers the questions: How do we cross? Is it a physical or metaphysical experience? What are the different socio-cultural classes from which we can pass?”


Moath Al Ofi "The Last Tashahud"

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Al’Obour is made possible by the support and sponsorship of Al-Mansouria Foundation, UBS, Van Cleef & Arpels, Midwam, Tamer Group, BWM Mohammed Yousef Naghi Motors, Quintessentially, German Consulate in Jeddah, French Consulate in Jeddah, Al-Kabli Holding, Hilton Hotel, Medd Coffee, Spark, and Blank Studio. For more information on the upcoming exhibition, check out the Instagram page of Saudi Art Council. 

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