Arab Women’s Finest Clothing Is Their Own Skin

Stunning eyes and thick, long black locks are synonymous with Arab women, but there’s another potent beauty appeal not many people talk about. Clinique La Prairie, the world’s most exclusive anti-ageing clinic once did a study to find Arab women have the healthiest, youngest looking skin in the world. The Montreux-based clinic discovered women of Arabic origin have skin that ages exceptionally well for a number of genetic, cultural and environmental reasons. Here’s a look into why Cleopatra, famous for her radiant skin and milk baths, would be proud.

Sunshine Secrets
There’s an endless supply of sunshine to go around the region. So whether it’s a question of getting blasé, not enjoying it or not being appropriate, you won’t find anyone from the region rushing to book a sun lounger at the beach at the crack of dawn. Being tanned is not a concern, not even a desire; in fact the sun is intentionally avoided. Arab women know the dangers of the sun and stay indoors when it is at its peak - just like women used to before.

Under Cover
While having to cover up in public might be a cause for concern to women’s rights advocates, dermatologists can quickly point out its advantages. Even if some women choose not to cover their faces for religious or cultural reasons, they may still use parasols or scarves to protect their skin. What’s more, covering up other body parts by wearing an abaya or being modestly dressed is a sure way to bounce off those damaging UV rays. 

Making-Up the Difference
Women in this region are very selective when they get to the counters at the mall’s make-up department. Luckily, many have the luxury of being able to select and buy the best products on the market. Ardent believers in paying to get quality, brands and quality ingredients are a shopping classification.

The Boundless Beauty Quest
Renowned worldwide for being perfectly turned out, Arab women are sticklers when it comes to beauty conservation.  Additionally, with the “no pain, no gain” theory embedded in their minds, they’re not afraid of the surgeon’s table or trying new treatments. Any popular anti-ageing or enhancing treatment goes, from Botox to fillers to laser.

Good Food, Good Mood
Arab women generally have fewer things to stress about than women from other cultures. Since many do not work and have domestic help, they don’t need to jump out of bed at 6:30 a.m. Without needing to rush through life, there’s lots of time for enjoying social activities, getting pampered and enjoying meals with friends.

Since an increasing amount of studies are finding links between certain nutrients and wrinkle reduction, traditional Arabic cuisine is probably helping play a role too. Garlic and onion, found in many dishes, are rich in sulphur, which helps keep skin smooth. Getting protein from the many yoghurt-based foods in the area helps women’s skin become firmer, making it more resistant to lines as well. Plus Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can improve skin's elasticity, comes with the permanently available fresh fisherman’s catch of the day.

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