Intricate Islamic Calligraphy Posters for Minimalists

Come for the visuals, stay for the message.

Sarah Tawfiq

Of the countless talented artists out there, we’ve singled out three special names that have made Arabic calligraphy front and center of their work. Another thing they have in common is that they all tend to appreciate clean lines and minimalist design. Feast your eyes on these posters that that will liven up any space with their visuals – and their messages:


Muzhofart is based in Indonesia and his art is focused on modern Kufic calligraphy. His meticulously crafted and unique designs are hand-drawn and then in a second step, compiled into digital formats. He then sends them out to his clients all over the world in a high-resolution, so they’re ready to print instantly and in a variety of sizes and at a print shop near you. No more waiting for the mailman to bring you that parcel! You could have Muzhofart’s poster on your wall within a matter of minutes:

Alaa Prints

Alaa’s real identity is something of an enigma but his work speaks for itself. Based in Zagazig, Egypt, he creates a large array of beautiful minimalist works that have clear, bold and often devout messages. These prints come in various sizes to fit living spaces large and small.

Sarah Tawfiq

Sarah Tawfiq is a young aspiring artist based in Alexandria, Egypt also works as a trained pharmacist while she explores her more creative side through her calligraphic work. Her minimalist work is also kept mostly in black and white, white the occasional gold accent. She’s just getting started but surly has a bright career ahead of her. Sarah’s posters, just like those of Muzhofart and Alaa of Alaa Prints, ship in the form of an instant digital download.

Minimalist artworks are often more complicated than they may seem at first glace. But simple or not, it is certain that any living space or workspace would benefit from the inherent complexity and beauty of these calligraphic posters for minimalists (and not so minimalists…)!

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