A-List Dermatologist Dr. Roy Moutran Answers All Our Skincare Questions

The Lebanese skincare guru answers our questions about the best procedures that knock off years and the perfect daily regimen for gorgeously glowing skin….

Dr. Roy Moutran 

The A-list clientele, inlcuding names like Mona Abu Hamze, Ghina Ghandour, Touline Al Bakri, Alanoud Badr AKA @fozaza, in Dr. Roy Moutran’s two clinics in Lebanon are constantly crediting him for their smooth, youthful, healthy and radiant skin. The dermatologist, who specialises in cosmetology, lasers and paediatric dermatology, works his magic fuelled by his “since we have to age, let’s age properly and beautifully” mantra. As well as helping his patients walk out with the dreamiest skin, Moutran, who has a degree in Internal Medicine too, can be found passing on his expertise in a couple of Lebanon’s well-known universities and publications.

We talked to Moutran, the Head of the Dermatology and Cosmetology Department at Mount Lebanon Hospital, about the best latest procedures and treatments, anti-ageing myths and tips, and skincare must-haves. We also asked the skin expert, who has worked in Italy and France, about starting anti-ageing treatments the right way.

When is the best age to start anti-ageing treatments?
There isn’t a precise answer, as it depends on the individual’s skin type. As long as the skin is greasy, you don’t need to start any anti-ageing treatments because the skin is hydrating itself and making itself less prone to ageing. You do need to start them when your skin starts to become dry, and that usually happens at around 25 years of age.  

Do you recommend starting with Botox only?
Botox, an excellent way to start treatment, has a fabulous effect when it comes to anti-ageing, and it can be used to clear the upper part of the face. Fillers, which are usually used on the lower part of the face, are more effective to restructure the face, and you can start at any age for a better appearance.

What are the latest procedures you are offering in your clinics?
As a dermatologist, besides treating several skin diseases, I offer all the anti-ageing treatments, peelings, skincare, radiofrequency and lasers.

What newest product or procedure do you consider to be a game changer?
I feel structuring of the face with fillers remains the most important and newest procedure. With this procedure, we can redefine the face to make a woman look more feminine and a man look more masculine.

Tell us a bit about radiofrequency for facial rejuvenation.
A lot of new technologies are now involved in skincare. Along with lasers and ultrasounds, radiofrequency is a new procedure that enhances collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the skin, resulting in skin rejuvenation.

What is the one anti-ageing myth you wish everyone would stop believing?
We are hearing a lot about the new trend of drinking collagen to enhance the skin. Unfortunately, there isn’t any medical proof that shows this can bring about any amelioration of the skin structure.

Talk us through the essential daily skincare steps we should all be sticking to.
I think skincare should be as simple as possible. A good skincare regimen starts with cleansing your face with the right soap for your skin type. Greasy skin should be dried up with a special soap, while you should moisturise dry skin. Then, you should apply a good hydrating cream, keeping in mind which consistency you need for your skin type, followed by a sunscreen, which shouldn’t be greasy or fluid. You should apply your anti-ageing creams at night and they should contain either glycolic acid or retinol, because of their rejuvenating effects.

What is the biggest mistake you feel women make when it comes to skincare?
The biggest one you can make is to hydrate the skin more than necessary. By going through the extra-hydration, the skin becomes greasier and more prone to pimples. That is why we are seeing more and more women older than 40 years old suffering from acne breakouts and infected pimples.

What do you believe is the biggest question in dermatology right now?
The most common question right now is: If we start earlier, does it mean that we will age faster? The answer is NO, because the earlier we start treating skin with Botox and fillers, the better we maintain our skin. Even if we stop these procedures for any reason, we will never go back to the initial stage. Your skin will always be better.

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