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The World Welcomes Five Muslim Dolls Including Three Hijabis, AKA The Salam Sisters

All across the world, most young girls adore dolls, particular ones that they can relate to. A few years ago, the choices little girls from this region had – particularly Muslim girls – to play with a miniature plastic representation of themselves were non-existent. However, that has been slowly changing, with renowned Muslim Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad recently having a doll modeled after her, hijab included, and now with the Salam Sisters, a group of five “loveable, fun, culturally diverse, and incredibly motivated girls,” as their website describes them.

Peter Gould, who is cofounder of Zileej, the company that produces the Salam Sisters dolls, explained in a recent interview on BuzzFeed News that the idea started with his own daughters. The 36-year-old dad from Australia said that “as a Muslim parent and speaking with other Muslim parents I hoped for a toy that would be more representative and inclusive, at the same time super cool and fun.”

It was from this desire that the Salam Sisters – Maryam, Layla, Karima, Nura, and Yasmina – were born, five dolls that have been designed to represent contemporary Muslim girls with diverse influences and interests, from science to fashion to sport. Each sister represents a different ethnicity, having different eye color, hair texture, facial features, and personal style.

“We want young girls who don’t often see their cultural identities and faith represented in a relatable way, to know that they can be proud of their background,” explained Gould to the news site.

Each doll comes with an undercap, a pre-styled scarf, a scarf that the owner to create unique styles, and even a hair brush. You can also get an original Salam Sisters storybook and activity set that allows you to delve deeper into each girl's world.

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