6 TV Series that Deserve a Movie Ending

Downton Abbey had recently announced that the popular period-piece TV series would be receiving a movie to bring the story to a close finally. It’s been a common form of bringing closure to series that ended too soon, giving one last shot to wrap everything up with a theatrical conclusion. Though it’s pleasing to see Downton have a proper finale, there are still a few other shows that deserve a movie. Here is our list of TV series that should get a movie to finish the story that was started.


Created by Dan Harmon of Rick & Morty fame, Community was one of the geekiest and most hilarious comedies on network television, creating a comical microcosm of a community college where students young and old converge. The show received such a cult following that even when it ended at NBC on its fifth season, a sixth season was commissioned by the short-lived Yahoo Screens streaming service. Still, there was a speculative slogan for the show: six seasons and a movie. Well, we got six seasons. Now, where is that movie?


The paranormal investigation series Fringe was thought to be a goner when it was doomed on Fox to the dreaded Friday night graveyard timeslot. Yet the show continued for five seasons and gained a surprising cult following. While the series’ pull did allow for a proper ending before being taken off the network, there’s such a wealth of world(s) to Fringe that there’s plenty of material for a movie to bring us back into weirdness.

Quantum Leap

The ending to Quantum Leap wasn’t ideal. Sam Beckett spent the entire show seeking a means of returning home as he is perpetually scattered throughout time. The final episode concludes by stating that Sam continued to leap through time, never to return home. A movie would be the perfect route to put a happy ending on Sam’s journey finally.


The serial killer drama of Dexter was such a hit of a Showtime series, lasting eight seasons, but the series finale didn’t leave the best taste in the mouth. The ending featured the title character faking his death to become a bearded truck driver. That can’t be the end, could it? At any rate, fans were extremely polarized on this finale. Maybe a movie could finally deliver a proper conclusion with an older, wiser Dexter coming to terms with his knack for killing.

Tron: Uprising

Though a side-story to the story of Tron: Legacy, the drama and action of the sci-fi world of the Grid in Tron: Uprising made for great animated television. It was stylish, exciting, and surprisingly dark. While we know the eventual fate of the elusive Tron, still fighting for the user, there’s always the matter of what happens to Tron’s warrior apprentice Beck in his battle against the evil forces of Clu. The finale episode featured Clu just arriving in Beck’s sector as the battle for control of the Grid was just getting intense. Did Beck die or live to fight another day? A movie could answer that burning question.


Defiance was such an engaging sci-fi production of futuristic and wartorn St. Louis, from the talented combinations of Rockne S. O'Bannon (Farscape) and Michael Taylor (Battlestar Galactica). They worked on some of the best TV series the SyFy Channel had ever aired, and Defiance was shaping up to be another winner. After only three seasons, however, the show was canceled for financial reasons. Despite this, the tie-in video game was hugely involving, and a sequel game is coming out soon. Perhaps the likelihood of a movie could come about from the popularity of the games. It’d indeed be a first.

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