Saudi Female Shoura Council Members Bold and Eager to Promote Women’s Right

Saudi female Shoura members have been pushing for the rights of women in the Kingdom ever since they joined the council back in 2013. Some of the distinguished 30 female members have call for offering Saudi nationality to children of Saudi mothers and foreign fathers. They too requested to allow qualified female scholars to issue fatwa.  They have also called for equal pay for women in the private sector. Lately, they have requested  to allow women to travel and obtain passports without the approval of their male guardians.

Latifa Al-Shalan and Mody Al-Khalaf have called on the National Commission for Human Rights to document all regulations that have discriminations against women including basic national rights, guardianship restrictions along with any other form of discrimination. The human rights commission should then file suggestions to the higher authorities to modify the system. 

These suggestion said Mody Al-Khalaf on her Twitter account  goes in line with article 26 of the basic ruling system, the current Saudi vision, and the international human rights agreements singed by the Kingdom.

Another recommendation presented by Noura Al-Marri and Muflih Al-Zahrani has called for the creation for a Ministry of Family and Social Development and the appointment of a female to hold the post. 

Women in the Shoura council have discussed in previous sessions moderating miner marriages, and they have long before lobbied to raised the issue of women driving.

On Women International Day Latifah Al-Shaalan a Shoura member said she looks forward to a year “full of positive change for all of us, women and men” in Saudi Arabia. she encouraged women to be forward looking, persistent, and determined. She advised them to stick to that regardless the qualifications they have, the status they enjoy or the challenges they face in their lives.

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