To All Wannabe Bloggers, Meet Sara Zaetir, AKA @BloggerWanabe

Hailed by Savoir Flair as probably the region’s funniest woman on Instagram, Sara Zaetir, also known as Jenn Zee, is the creator of @BloggerWanabe, a satirical account dedicated to throwing shade at the world’s obsession with social media influencers.

Started as a practical joke between friends, @BloggerWanabe has now grown into what the magazine calls a “comedic social-media phenomenon.” Lighthearted, honest, and downright funny, her posts are a favorite of her 18,000 fans, always highly anticipated and regularly commented on.

Garnering thousands of likes, her videos and photos playfully highlight the transparency and narcissism behind some of the online content we come across today. The Lebanese blogger wannabe explained to Savoir Flair that the idea started one day when she was getting ready to go out with friends.



Une publication partagée par Jenn Zee (@bloggerwanabe) le

“It was another regular lazy day, and a girlfriend was over. I started getting ready to go out, and after I had put my outfit on, she started making fun of me, saying “You look like such a blogger right now.” We then continued to make fun and shared my outfit photo in a girls’ group, and they all thought it was pretty funny. It’s always been in my character to be a joker.”


3 generations

Une publication partagée par Jenn Zee (@bloggerwanabe) le


Zaetir explained that the creation of her much-loved, online alter ego was to show that the carefully curated lives of many bloggers and influencers are just that – curated, not always real and not always reflective of their actual day-to-day lives.

“Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the influencers are my friends, and I know how they live,” she explained. “I’m sitting right next to them when they put up a post. It’s all acting. They are professionals, and they’re doing their job. They get paid to look great and post what they post. I don’t blame them. This is what they do for a living, and they support their families doing it.”


There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy& one of them is You

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The blogger, who works by day in her family’s business in Dubai, is still surprised by the explosive response her account has received. She even gets words of encouragement from other bloggers.


Found my Soulmate #enfin #monbebe

Une publication partagée par Jenn Zee (@bloggerwanabe) le

“It exploded, but I really am who you see on Instagram. I always make fun of things and keep it light-hearted, which is why I didn’t think it would be such a big deal.” 

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