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PWC Riyadh’s Hawazen Alhassoun Tells Us What It Means To Be Saudi Today

On the occasion of Saudi National Day, Hawazen Alhassoun, PWC Riyadh’s COO shared with us her own Vision 2030, Saudi figures she looks up to and more!

How would you describe the energy of Saudi National Day?
- Saudi National Day is eagerly anticipated by individuals across the nation, reflecting a deep sense of patriotism, national pride, and unity among its citizens. On this special occasion Saudis take a moment to think about their nation's strides, achievements, and dreams for what lies ahead. The atmosphere itself is lively and filled with vibrant vibes, as the surroundings are adorned with colorful green decorations, and the melodies of national music can be heard throughout. An absolute delightful time for all the people in the kingdom!

Do you have a Saudi figure you admire?
- Saudi Arabia is a land that has been blessed with plenty of extraordinary individuals who serve as inspiring role models. To me, and among them, princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud shines brightly, representing the very best of what this nation has to offer. Her remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication make her a true inspiration, capturing the hearts and minds of people not only in Saudi Arabia but across the world.

What does it mean to be Saudi today?
-"Saudi Arabia is the biggest success story of the 21st century" as our crown prince said. So being Saudi today means that you are living this success story. You are witnessing significant transformations and achieved progress in several areas. ( i will elaborate more)

What is your own Vision 2030? Any personal goals you would like to share?
- The vision and personal goals of Saudi women have experienced notable transformations in recent years. Through strong determination and resilience, we are actively shaping the future, witnessing the realization of our aspirations.

My vision is to make significant contributions to my country and society, while also leaving a positive impact on the people around me. I aspire to be an agent of change, working towards the advancement of my country by committing to shape a future that is characterized by equality, compassion, and prosperity.

Your favorite Saudi dish or dessert?
- Jareesh and Kleija of course!


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