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The Saudi Heritage Commission Has Set A New World Record

The Saudi Heritage Commission goes down in the books for a world record. Can you guess what it is? Hint: one of the best parts of Saudi cuisine.

Creating the longest phrase completely from 6088 coffee beans has won the Saudi Heritage Commission a Guinness World Records.

The world-breaking phrase, “Heritage Commission”, was showcased at the King Abdulaziz Historical Center in Riyadh. The representatives from the commission received the official Guinness World Record at the center.

This world record cannot be more fitting, as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is actually considered to be one of the top consumers of coffee worldwide. The specific type of beans, Khawlani, is one of the top coffee beans all over the world.

UNESCO actually added Saudi Khawlani Coffee to its Cultural Heritage List. Specifically, when talking about the skills and knowledge that are required to be able to cultivate and grow this type of coffee.

In addition to that, it carries so much significance historically, as it has been mentioned in old poems and songs. It hails from the Jazan region and has been cultivated for almost a millennium now. Jazan Region itself is a marvel as it contains more than 2000 coffee farms, 384,000 coffee trees, and a production of 900 tons per year.

This is not the first world record that is set by Saudi Arabia, as the kingdom has broken numerous world records in a wide range of categories, from sports and entertainment to science and technology.

Some of the most notable records include the world's largest flag, which measured to a whopping 2.2 million square feet. Another would be the world's largest gathering of falcons, with over 1,000 birds and their owners gathering in the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Another cool one would be the largest fireworks display, with over 900,000 fireworks lighting up the skies to celebrate Saudi National Day on the 25th of September. Some other world record comprised of the largest human awareness ribbon, the longest carpet, and the largest Iftar gathering during the holy month of Ramadan.

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