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Work From Home Decorating Hacks For All Personality Types

Whether you have the home set up routine down to a T or you’re dying to get back to the office, it’s so important to customise your WFH space during the ongoing pandemic.

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Some of us are just lapping up working from home (WFH), whether it’s because it gives us more time to spend with loved ones, allows us a longer lie in or cuts out that stressful commute. Others aren’t big fans, however, and feel like we’re missing out on the social aspect of the office or finding it hard to get motivated and can’t bear the thought of another meeting on Zoom. Whether we’re for or against, it seems like we’re going to be WFH for a little while longer. This means it still isn’t too late to get started on a home workspace makeover, which can lead to feeling more organised, something 82 percent of people believe can improve their quality of life.

Thankfully, apartment rental brand Essential Living has put together a useful guide on how to revamp your workspace to suit your personality, making remote working that bit more enjoyable.

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The Conscientious and Organised

If you feel Monica from “Friends” is your soul sister and love being super organised or have Marie Kondo on repeat for her simple style and clutter-free tips, then drawers and shelves should be on your shopping list. Plenty of desks come with built-in drawers, or shelves attached to keep your main workspace tidy and arranged.

However, if the space you have is quite tight, or you’re not a fan of large, clunky desks, wall shelves are a handy way of making sure you have everything you need at once in arms reach, yet out of the way. You can also use a peg-board, which allows you to prop up and display anything you might need as you would with shelves (you can even attach shelves to some of them). A peg-board is also the perfect solution if you’re in a rented property, as they can be easily rested against a wall, either at the back or side of the desk or stuck up with command strips.

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The Creative and Arty

There are so many fun ideas if you’re a colourful and quirky workspace enthusiast. Being inventive and resourceful, your home must already have a unique decorative spin, so it’s now time to bring your individuality to your desk! Decorate with colourful prints, novelty trinkets and unique storage solutions such as vividly hued baskets and geometric shelves.

You can also ‘flip’ or ‘upcycle’ your office furniture for a refresh. If your shelves are plain white, how about painting them a bright illuminating yellow, like one of Pantone’s Colour of the Year? And if your desk is still looking a tad too bland, you can buy vinyl wrap in different patterns and colours to brighten up your workspace without the effort, or irreversible damage of paint.

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The Elegant and Sophisticated

Lovers of everything chic and classy will most likely love a classic wood desk with brushed metal finishings, accessorised with functional yet refined storage solutions and stylish prints. You could maybe even decorate with a classic ‘coffee table’ book, and one or a couple of plants, which are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, making them perfect companions for those long and busy days.

With a stylish and sleek workspace you probably won’t want a huge, chunky black office chair ruining the look either, so one option is a cushioned velvet chair in a glamorous shade like grey, navy or taupe to match your muted but classy style. While the piece is just as practical, it can be equally as comfortable and blends right in.

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The Classicist

If you consider yourself a retro aesthetic addict, a vintage workspace, including old period-Esque desks, with dark, varnished wood and brass finishing or even a classic secretary desk is right up your alley. Perfect vintage-style decor should include accessories such as candles, old books, antique lamps or globes.

Just like with a sleek, and elegant workspace, a classic office chair looks completely out of place if accompanied by a victorian-style desk. Instead, think along the lines of a cushioned wooden chair, or even a velvet chair if you want to feel a little more regal!

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