10 Things to Know About Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has been making global waves following his Vision 2030 plan which aims to boost Saudi Arabia’s economy, generate equal rights for women, introduce an arts and culture scene, and ultimately make Saudi Arabia a tourist-friendly environment.

With him taking a ground-breaking stance as a young leader whose vision is to bring modern changes to an otherwise conservative Arab region, the world couldn’t be more intrigued by him.

AboutHer.com did some digging and we came up with 10 surprising things that you may or may not know about Saudi Arabia’s most influential royal.

1- Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is the 1st member of the Saudi royal family to oversee the state oil company – Saudi Aramco. It is the most valuable company in the world and has the market value of between $2-10 trillion USD.

2- Sorry ladies, MBS is no longer an eligible bachelor. He married Princess Sara bint Mashoor bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in 2008 and they have 4 children together – 3 little princes and a little princess.

3- The young Saudi leader graduated 2nd in his class from King Al Saud University and never studied outside of Saudi Arabia unlike many of his cousins who chose to study abroad.

4- MBS is a fan of all things fine, including art. He is the owner of the most expensive painting in the world, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. The final price was $450.3 million USD and the painting can now be seen at the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. The work of art is one of less than 20 authenticated pieces in existence.

5- A true king of hearts, Mohammed Bin Salman is the man behind the easement of several laws that previously restricted women’s rights. All thanks to him, women can now drive, own their own businesses, join the military and partake and attend sporting events.

6- Saudi is set to become a hub of creativity and entertainment through the prince’s vision. Saudi, under his provisions, recently enjoyed a jazz festival attended by men and women together, a comic con, a monster truck rally, and the re-opening of cinemas after 40 years – and a newly set up General Entertainment Authority is preparing for even more entertainment for a Saudi audience who want more.

7- A little more on a personal level, the ruler of Saudi Arabia, and MBS’s father, King Salman, assigns the prince 1 book a week to read and then quizzes him on what he learnt. Close to his father, the king’s reasoning behind this task is “If you read the history of 1000 years, you’ll have the experience of 1000 years.”

8- MBS is the youngest defense minister in the world. He took this role on after his father came into power as King in 2015, making him Minister of Defense at the age of 30.

9- A home fit for a prince, the Saudi royal is the owner of the incredible Louis XIV 17th century chateau, West of Paris, in France. The stunning building and its grounds contain fountains, a private cinema, a deluxe swimming pool and a moat with a transparent underwater chamber from which you can see schools of Koi fish swimming above and around you, as well as maids, a perfectly preened garden and a maze!

10- Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman may become the youngest king in the history of Saudi Arabia.

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