Marina Mamic, the Make-Up Maestro Who Can Turn Into Anyone (Or Thing)

This extremely skilled make-up artist can transform herself into any celebrity, from Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie to Kim Kardashian West.

Marina Mamic

Sometimes looking at the same face in the mirror can get a bit boring, and we find ourselves wishing we could undergo a makeover just for one day. And looking like one of the world’s most beautiful celebrities, say Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Cara Delevingne or Jennifer Aniston, would surely make it worthwhile. Well, make-up artist Marina Mamic pulls it off with just a few make-up products and is kind enough to share how she does it with the world via tutorials. Mamic has the insane superpower to turn herself into the spitting image of just about anyone. The beauty, who is currently blonde, has 110,000 followers on her @marinamamic Instagram thanks to her mesmerising photos, side-by-side comparisons and time-lapse videos that show her transformations in high speed. Her impersonations can take up to 12 hours to complete, with her most recent including ones of Donatella Versace, Rihanna, Celine Dion and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Mamic, who was born in Bosnia but now lives in Croatia, started making waves on social media in 2012. "I didn't have money for a good camera, better lighting, wigs, contact lenses. I didn't even have a lot of make-up or make-up brushes. But that didn't stop me," the 29-year-old wrote. "What I want to say is that you NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. Even if you don't have much money, don't have much make-up, don't have any support from others don't let that stop you! Be creative, use what you got and WORK HARD!"

The make-up maven, who enjoys working on family members, doesn’t stop with just the female A-listers either. She has magically morphed into male celebrities like Zayn Malik, Drake and Michael Jackson. She also gets inspiration from male movie and TV characters, including Rick Grimes from “The Walking Dead,” Al Pacino’s iconic Tony Montana character in “Scarface” and that captain of equally dubious morality and sobriety, Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp. She’s also perfected Ben Stiller in “Zoolander” and Heath Ledger as ‘The Jocker’.


Ahoy! #jacksparrow #transformation #hrt #dokumentarac #snimanje #fun #work

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Plus, Mamic is whom you need to turn to for your next Halloween party because she also has the most amazing horror themed make-up looks. As well as giving her followers some quick and easy tutorials that involve a lot of fake blood, she alters into some of the scariest characters out there right before our eyes, including Jigsaw from the Saw” franchise.


Do you know what the three monkey emojis mean The one covering his eyes means 'see no evil' The one covering his ears means 'hear no evil' And the one covering his mouth means 'speak no evil' This make-up was inspired by the 'three wise monkeys' For me it simply means we should not look for flaws in others, we should not believe in everything we hear about others, and we should not say mean stuff to each other What do you think? What does this mean to you? Let me know in the comments Znate li sto znace emotikoni sa majmunima Onaj koji prekriva oci znaci 'ne vidim zlo' Onaj koji prekriva usi znaci 'ne cujem zlo' A onaj koji prekriva usta znaci 'ne govorim zlo' Ovaj make-up je inspiriran upravo sa ta 'tri mudra majmuna'Za mene to jednostavno znaci da ne trebamo traziti mane u drugima, da ne vjerujemo svemu sto cujemo o drugima i da ne govorimo ruzne stvari jedni drugima Sta vi mislite? Sto ovo za vas znaci? Pisite mi u komentarima. #seenoevil #hearnoevil #speaknoevil #monkey #makeup #sfx #horror

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They see me rollin' they hatin'

Une publication partagée par MARINA MAKE-UP (@marinamamic) le

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