The Beauty Hotel You May Never Want To Leave

A look Inside Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s unique pop-up concept.

An innovative beauty pop-up, The YSL Beauty Hotel gathered clients, ambassadors, celebrities and members of the public and offered loads of hands-on experiences. Celebrities like Diane Kruger, Courtney Love, Presley Gerber and the event’s host and YSL Beauté ambassador Zoë Kravitz checked into the “hotel,” which had a beauty bar, nightclub and beauty service room. Read on to see what went on at the sprawling three-level space located in Paris’s Eighth Arrondisement and why re-creating the atmosphere of a hotel, an evolution of the already well-known YSL Beauty Club, delighted beauty lovers.

The Highlights
The first of its kind hotel allowed visitors to check-in for three nights/four days and make real-time connections with influencers (as well as people watch in the lobby). However, it mostly provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest YSL Beauté launches, particularly its new "Black Opium."

Attendees really got to kick back and enjoy YSL Beauté-on-tap, with 24/7 beauty room service. Another engaging highlight was Le Drive-In, where Touche Éclat make-up stations emerged from the back of vintage BMWs, while a cinema screen played its newly released campaign. The Powder Room was another interesting spot where visitors got to try the latest YSL Beauté lipsticks as well as all the favourite cult classics.

Special Rooms
Every great hotel has its presidential suite, and at the YSL Beauty Hotel, this was known as Room No1978. Here, visitors enjoyed live performances by Soleil Bleu, Keep Dancing Inc, Dampa, Oscar Anton and Hollydays. Of course this was all done while getting the kind of beauty makeovers you expect from the brand.

As an ambassador, Kravitz had a room in her name, where her make-up secrets and favourite YSL Beauté cosmetics were revealed. The hotel also celebrated YSL Beauté's cult tinted lip balm, Volupté Colour Liquid Balm, which had a dedicated suite. Of course, the room was resplendent in the associated colour, neon pink.

The Beauty Club
The best hotels boast their own nightclubs, something YSL Beauté certainly didn’t forget. The VIP only club hosted performances by DJs Simi & Haze and Sebastian, along with electro-rock band Hyphen Hyphen, The décor, which included ultra-violet with lashings of black, could be described as a bottle of “Black Opium” brought to life. After partying amidst the tubular neon that lights up the DJ stage and dance-floor, the perfect way for guests to end the night was to relax in the dimly lit lounge.

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