Amp up Your Headscarf Game with These Must-Haves

Scarves are essential pieces of must-haves in every girl’s wardrobe and no matter how much you have, it is always never enough. Check out these local hijab designers and our best picks from each place.

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These scarves walked the ramp at the first ever London Modest Fashion Week earlier this year and caught the eye of international fashionistas. Foulard founder Sara Rayess took to designing her own scarves when, as a teenager, she couldn’t find fashionable scarves to go with her outfits. Her scarf collection does not only depict flair and stylishness but also serves as an epitome of her religion.
We are totally crushing on Foulard’s shawl collection. Our best picks are from their latest midnight collection which is designed featuring golden bees.

Our Best Picks:
Beige double-layer laser scarf with white and gold embroidery SR 300
Royal red voile scarf with golden bees on polka-dotted tulle edges SR 250

Instagram: Foulard_F

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Bana, the founder of Cashmere, has a unique detail for every scarf and abaya she designs. And hey, she designs kaftans too! Her scarves are a treat to the eye, very comfortable to wear and stitched neatly with every detail in its place. Cashmere has a scarf for every occasion and if they don’t, they are prepared to make one for you to your liking. You will definitely go back once you shop here.

Our Best Picks:
Baby pink and white silk-chiffon scarf with white flower detailing SR 115
Light green and olive double sided voile scarf with tiny tassels on edge SR 130

Instagram: Cashmere.Designs

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Echarpe, which means scarf in French, is another local scarf brand run by a talented woman named Sundus. Echarpe is a haven for scarf lovers. We promise, once you’ve finished going through their Instagram page, you would have already added around 10 pieces in your mind’s shopping cart.

Our Best Picks:
Light purple voile scarf with shades of purple border SR 100
Black voile scarf with silver studs SR 130

Instagram: Echarpe_S

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Here’s another scarf brand we can’t get over! KaafMeem, the brainchild of Karima Saleh, is one of the first Instagram pages you need to visit if you’re looking to update your scarf rack. Trust me, you’ll find your choice of hijab here. Period. Whether you’re looking for an elegant scarf to wear to a high-end dinner, a running scarf for your morning jog, a chic one for a birthday party or one to match your casual denim and tee, KaafMeem has got it all. The brand also designs abayas that are custom-made according to each customer’s liking.

Our Best Picks:
White chiffon laser scarf with white lace end SR 169
Plain pistachio voile scarf SR 79

Instagram: Kaafmeem

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Here, everything is literally “mint” for you and founder Nailah Shukri makes sure it’s all made with love. With a keen eye for colours, patterns and details, Shukri fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer by opening Mint in 2012.
It’s quite difficult to choose a favourite scarf at Mint because everything is just so charming and you want them all. Apart from scarfs, they also design abayas and kaftans which, like their scarfs, are custom-made to meet their client’s tastes.
What’s even more beautiful is their packaging, which again is made with so much love. Each scarf comes in cute organza sachet gift bags and we totally love it!

Our Best Picks:
Black double layer voile scarf with cashmere stitches in side SR 145
Dark pale pink double layer voile scarf with gold flower-embroidery on side SR 100

Instagram: Mint_For_You

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Fawziah Bagais and Razan Bagais are mother and daughter who are co-founders of Dentelle. With a beautiful collection of scarves ranging from ones with lace details to traditional prints and many more, Dentelle designs scarves to suit your every outfit.

Our Best Picks:
Pale coffee voile scarf with large baby blue lace border across centre SR 150
Mahogany double layer scarf with beige heavy lace border across centre  SR 85

Instagram: Dentelle_Wr

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Tny Scarves
TnY stands for Thuraya and Yusra - the names of the mother and daughter who run this business. Yusra says the two reasons behind opening TnY were to help her mother showcase her talents and creativity, while also motivating women to wear hijab in a fashionable way. We are mad about the scarves at TnY not only because they are absolutely gorgeous but also because they have it all; whether it is with the lace border, embroidery or laser cut details.

Our Best Picks:
Maroon double-layer voile scarf with glittery gold flower lace SR 130
Light blue double-layer voile scarf with simple white flower embroidery detail SR 90

Instagram: Tny_Scarves

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Scarf Mania
True to their Instagram description, Scarf Mania does serve unique, elegant and trendy hijabs designed with love. Their every collection has an exclusive detail making it an interesting choice to consider when buying headscarves next time. Founder Manahel Qurban puts in passion when designing her scarves. We love the collection and the packaging here at Scarf Mania and totally recommend you to check out their shawls.

Our Best Picks:
Black voile scarf with grey Saudi Bedouin printed end and plain grey end  SR 140
Black voile scarf with coffee border at ends and thread work piping  SR 140

Instagram: Scarf_Mania

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With a pretty and perfect collection of tarhas (scarf in Arabic), Tarhati is, without doubt, our favourite place to shop hijabs. Founder Arwa Alkaf makes them in all colours, materials, designs and details and we stay alert for every Instagram post because we’re totally obsessed with their scarves.

Our Best Picks:
Burgundy voile scarf with navy border and thin gold piping SR 89
Navy blue voile scarf with maroon border and thin gold piping   SR 89

Instagram: Tarhati_Am

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De Soie
Razan and Rawan, the co-founders of De Soie, have a fabulous collection of hijabs and abayas. From plain and simple designs to rich and elegant pieces, they never fail to disappoint.

Our Best Picks:
Plain plum silk chiffon scarf with small purple lace border on sides SR 90
Faded grey silk chiffon scarf with large black lace border across centre  SR 90

Instagram: Desoie_

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