Sayidaty Debuts On Snapchat ‘Discover’

Sayidaty is among the pioneers of Arabic media companies to launch into Snapchat’s Discover feature, expanding its unique entertainment coverage to a Discover channel with a daily Publisher Story. Collaborating with Snapchat to make its way into the application’s Discover feature, Sayidaty will bring news to users in the form of Snapchat stories.

The magazine’s Discover digest will catch the attention of those who habitually feast on entertainment, showcasing a mix of interactive content rich with images and videos. The channel will also cover a wide range of topics favoured by modern Arab women, from beauty and fashion to celebrity gossip and lifestyle commentary, allowing Snapchatters a real-time exposure into the entertainment highlights, mostly targeting an audience with the age-range of 14 to 25.

“The Discover launch comes as part of Sayidaty’s efforts to keep up with dynamic environments of social media platforms and its plan to diversify and expand its horizon,” said Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi, Editor-in-Chief of Sayidaty, Al Jamila, Al Rajol and AboutHer.com.

Snapchat, which is currently the second most popular social media platform after Facebook, introduced its Discover feature in 2015. Prominent media companies and publications such as CNN, MTV, Daily Mail, National Geographic and BuzzFeed have their own channels on Snapchat Discover.

Sayidaty on Snapchat Discover delivers the day's most valuable, need-to-know reporting, via an entirely new, exclusively mobile, platform.
To subscribe to Sayidaty on Snapchat Discover, scan the Snap-code.

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