7 Genious Space-Saving Closet Hacks

If you’re like most of us and looking for extra closet space, these wonderfully trouble-free and affordable solutions work like a charm.

As well as all the essentials, we have to think about all those accessories, which we obviously need in almost every single colour, so it’s no wonder we never feel we have enough room to fit everything in. Whether you’re the type who hasn’t done anything about the skirt you haven’t worn for three years, or you really do have a small wardrobe area, these clever tricks will help you create more legroom. What’s more, they will stop you from seeking expensive closet solutions.

Make way for more hangers with soda can tabs. Instead of throwing away those little tabs on soda cans, they can be recycled and used so you can hang more things in your closet. Their size allows you to use them as hanger extensions, so just place them over the metal part of your hanger, then use the hole in the tab to slot in another hanger.

Use shower curtain rings to place all your scarves on one hanger. If you’re a scarf kind of gal, shower curtain hooks are your perfect storage and organising solution. You can place numerous shower curtain hooks on one hanger, then loop all those beauties over the hooks.

Have a weekly wardrobe ritual. Putting together what you’re going to wear throughout the whole week can save you time and space. All you have to do is match your outfits for each day of the week, putting each ensemble on one hanger. 

Triple-fold your T-Shirts. Living in warmer climates might mean less chunky sweaters, but it also means loads of T-shirts. The simple task of folding in the sleeves, then folding the main part of the T-shirt three times can get you nearly three times as many T-shirts in one drawer. Plus, it lets you see that slogan T you want to wear much easier.

Use a lid rack for bags. You can use the type of lid rack you have in the kitchen to store the lids for your pots and pans to stash clutches and collapsible bags as well. It’s a wonderful trick to keep some of your most beloved, prized possessions safely stored.

Add towel racks on your closet doors. When your closet is already chockablock, you can try fitting in some towel racks on its door to create extra storage space. This can help you avoid strewing your clothes everywhere. 

Decorate walls to display shoes. According to Susan Gale, “Women can never have too many shoes and men will never understand why.” We can’t get enough of them, but storing those heels can take up a lot of room. You can clear up floor space by hanging specially designed shoe racks on a wall. You can also proudly display your favourites on pre-made wall shelves.

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